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All I need is the air I breathe.

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Birthdate:Jan 11

Lucrezia Noin || Preventer Fire

CANON: Post Endless Waltz; Mechanic; Preventer Member; MS Pilot; Twenty/Twenty One; Italian noble born; One of the two top students to ever graduate from Lake Victoria Academy; Ex-OZ Specials Force Member; ex-Lake Victoria Academy Instructor; Focuses on tactics and approaches that minimize casualties; Likes to be more gender neutral; Purple eyes; short black hair; believes in the statistically impossible; loyal first; values life over all; German ancestry?; excellent sharpshooter;

HEADCANON: Acts thirty; horrid fashion sense/practical taste in clothing; has only slept with one male; bi-curious/bi-serious; Speaks English, Italian, German, Russian, taught French by Zechs plus speaks others to varying degrees; Could destroy the Gundam pilots if she had a Gundam; outdrinks fish; sort of;

GARGLEBLASTED RELATED: Married to [info]count_to_peace; room 6-2a; one of three founders of Preventer; performs routine checkups on Taurus and Tallgeese III;

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aries, automotive mechanics, cars, colonel une, equality, fast cars, flying, grease monkey, gundam wing, gundams, guns, italian nobility, italy, lady une, mecha, mechs, military, milliard peacecraft, milliardo peacecraft, organization of the zodiac, oz, piloting, preventer, saint une, soldier, swordplay, taurus, technical specs, the preventers, training, treize khushrenada, zechs marquis, zechs marquise, zechs merquise
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